Amplify Your
Marketing Reach
with Blockchain

Harness the Power of Web3 to accurately identify Influencers and skyrocket conversions with unmatched ease and precision.

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Build a Bespoke Campaign

Blockchain Analysis

Unlock real-time valuable insights with our advanced blockchain analysis tools.

Refer & Reward

Incentivize referrals and reward users for sharing zero-party data.


Users can redeem rewards directly driving engagement and loyalty.

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Campaign Creator

Create and customize
captivating gamified experiences
in under 2 minutes

Incentivize data collection through games and tasks, and gain valuable insights into user behavior and interactions with on-chain analysis

Refer and Reward System

Leverage referrals to acquire new
customers and grow your brand

Reward referrals and data collection with gift cards, digital products, or tokens, all distributed globally with or without KYC.

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Redemption System

Automate redemption processes
and create prerequisite steps for
a seamless experience.

Enable instant redemption or credit card payments, with on-chain tracking of user behavior.

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Admin Dashboard

Effortlessly manage and track
multiple campaigns.

Access powerful analytical tools for real-time data and valuable insights, enabling informed decisions, viewing popular rewards, and making instant marketing optimizations.

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Elevate your campaign using Goka's integrations

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